“Cutting Age”: Yohji Yamamoto in Berlin

Berlin, April 8 2013

Japanese designer and artist Yohji Yamamoto is coming to Germany for the first time to present his work in Berlin. Sponsored by car manufacturer Audi, Yohji Yamamoto will be staging a runway show of iconographic pieces that shaped their time.

“Berlin plays a huge role in the global art and fashion world,” Yohji Yamamoto says. “It's a location and metaphor for inspiration and vigorous social debate. There is much that connects me to Berlin, my friendship with Wim Wenders, for example. I'm delighted that finally I'll be in the city together with my work.”

For 40 years, Yohji Yamamoto has blurred the boundaries between art and fashion and his creations have been shown in museums all over the world, among them London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. His show in Berlin will be held at Johann König Gallery space St. Agnes on April 25, in line with the renowned Gallery Weekend.

The title, “Cutting Age”, refers jointly to keen sartorial dexterity and four decades of creativity in which the artist has repeatedly crossed over into the world of fashion to undermine its rules.

In addition to the exclusive premiere, two further events will be presented, also hosted under the "Cutting Age: Yohji Yamamoto" banner: Interdisciplinary creative platform MADE presents an artistic spatial video-installation, “5 Cuts | A Visual Dialogue”, and Andreas Murkudis will host an installation by Mr Yamamoto’s long-term scenographer, Masao Nihei, the man also behind the set-design of the Berlin runway show.

Program overview: "Cutting Age: Yohji Yamamoto"

Thursday, April 25 2013:

Audi presents "Cutting Age: Yohji Yamamoto"

Runway-Show, by invitation only

Saturday, April 27 2013:

“5 Cuts | A Visual Dialogue“, Video-Installation Premiere, by invitation only


28. April 2013, 12-18

29. April - 12. May 2013, 16-19


Alexanderstrasse 7 | 9th Floor 10178 Berlin

Sunday, April 28 2013:

”Untitled Berlin (2013)”, Installation Matinée, by invitation only


25. April - 12. May 2013, 10-20

Andreas Murkudis Potsdamer Strasse 81E 10785 Berlin